The Beatlettes' World

Okay, this is our introduction.
We have one solid motto which is "To debauchery" - we are friends and solid ones at that. No one will ever separate us.
Ok Intros:

We have
Mustang: pain the arse, but lovable rogue. Starkey
Staci: flirty, cheeky, faithful and sweet. Macca
Sam: sarky, bitchy, nasty (why is anyone friends with her?) but LOYAL. Lennon
Abbie: Gentle, thoughtful, loving, tender, spiritual, wicked (when needed). Hazza
Kelsey: New to group. Innocent, gentle but also can be conniving. Best friends with all and dating Mustang's "big brother" Dhani who is the fifth man to the group, Therefore she be Astrid,
Ask us anything you want. Believe me, We'll answer.

(Just a reminder The Beatlettes aren't real this is a blog for "Nowhere Man" the book.
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